SQL Backup: January 28, 2021
  • info_outline January 28, 2021 Updates
    - Online enrollment feature
  • info_outline August 2018 to December 2020 Updates
    - Updates on database
    - Few tweaks on error-trapping.
    - Classlist downloader for professors
  • info_outline July 25, 2018 Updates
    - Dean and Admin users can view students' GWA.
    - Few tweaks on navigation.
    - Admin users can change students' passwords.
  • info_outline May 23, 2018 Updates
    - Students can view their GWA.
    - Update on grades and evaluations.
  • info_outline May 16, 2018 Updates
    - Enhancement on evaluation in all users.
    - Update on grades and evaluations.
  • info_outline May 2, 2018 Updates
    Side navigation revamped!
    - Logo redirects you to homepage/index. Hence, Home link was removed.
    - Customized the side navigation by grouping related links. Below is the arrangement/grouping of links.

       -Grades(formerly labeled as records until last update)
    |Account (for Students), Functions (for Deans and Admins)
       -Enrolled Subjects(formerly located in the homepage) [viewed by Students only]
       -Student Default Passwords [viewed by Deans and Admins only]
       -Change Password
    |Update Notice
  • info_outline April 23, 2018 Updates
    - Added the ability of Deans and Administrators to view student's default passwords.
    - Update on grades and evaluations.
  • info_outline April 17, 2018 Updates
    - User information display on the side navigation when logged in.
    - Enhanced evaluation output.
    - Update on grades.
    - Update on student evaluations and substitutions.
  • info_outline April 11, 2018 Updates
    - Print feature in student evaluation and records to all users. (Note: Paper size must be at least 8.5in by 13in)
    - Update on grades
    - Update on student evaluations and substitutions.
    - Enhanced output on evaluation and records.
    - Enhanced search for Deans
  • info_outline April 4, 2018 Updates
    - Enhanced search for deans and admins
    - Changes on table orientations of records and evaluation on small devices (from landscape to portrait).
    - Close side navigation button keyboard_backspace placed on the upper left part of the side navigation itself (helpful for users with small devices).
    - Update on grades